Is it possible to have the modern blinds with the ancient walls?

You would have seen many modern houses but still your heart would be sticking on to the old designs and old constructs, isn’t it? Then what is that you are waiting for to have a house that is modern as well as traditional. When your building depicts an ancient architecture you would be proud to invite all of your colleagues and friends who once had questions about how you could construct such a wonderful and amazing house. Such people would now feel envy about the house you are living in. You could dare to challenge such people by living in the duplex house. The experts constructing  custom duplex homes  would think about your requirement with open mind.

You just have to express how you want to have architecture from multiple generations embedded in your duplex house and the rest would be taken care by them. Though the construction material is made of modern technology you could still have the ancient architecture depicted in the construction of the house in the way the roof is designed or the exterior walls are designed. Of course, there would be no question about the quality aspect as all sorts of quality standards are followed by the builders thereby ensuring the life time of the construction.

Having said this, you could collect the pictures of the old constructions and then choose those design aspects that are attractive for you and then have them blended with the modern architecture thus having a wonderful house as is thought of you in your mind. It is really tough to shape the house that is imagined in your brain but this sort of sketching out what is in your mind and then constructing the same is possible only by the expert knowledge that is gained by the builders after having constructed many such custom houses.